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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a question? Please check the FAQs below.  If you can't find an answer, please contact us.


1. What are your rates?
Rates for Linwood Mill Commercial Property start at $8 per square foot.

2. Will I need to sign a long term lease?
We request a five year lease committment.

3. What types of businesses can lease from Linwood Mill?
All retail and commerical businesses are welcome to apply for tenancy.  Our goal is to evaulate all businesses to assure that they complement the existing tenant base.

4. I have a retail shop.  Will you be able to accomodate my business?
We will evaluate all lease applcations for tenancy to assure businesses complement the exiting tenant base.

5. How will my space be secured?
Each tenant space is individually secured.  Each tenant has their own entryway and is responsible for his or her own security.

6. Will I be charged for property taxes or building maintenance costs?
Property taxes and common area maintenance charges are based on unit square footage.

7. Can I put up a sign for my business on the street?
Uniform signage will be provided outside the building and directional signage will be provided inside the building.

Contact us if you have additional questions.

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